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Young Ambassadors

At Lynch Hill we place great value on developing our young people and preparing them effectively to become well respected adults and global citizens. It is not just about developing pupils’ academic skills and talents but recognising the key interpersonal skills required to be successful in the wider world. We actively promote pupil voice and young leadership and have fully embraced the Berkshire Young Ambassadors programme, part of the Youth Sport Trust's National Young Ambassador Programme, which aims to develop young leaders and volunteers in sport .

Four of our current Year 6 pupils attended Young Ambassador training during the last academic year and now wear their black Ambassador t-shirts with pride. They plan the Sports Council rotas, ensure resources are sufficient to support lunchtime activities and lead our Sports Council in the delivery of these daily tasks. As part of their role, they work to promote a greater awareness of health and fitness, including healthy eating and they act as role models, demonstrating the Olympic values that the Young Ambassador programme was initially based upon. They are about to embark on their next challenge: to plan and lead a morning and after school sports club, under the watchful eye of Mr Foster.

During the course of Y6, they are actively seeking out pupils from Y5 with leadership qualities and outstanding sportsmanship, and will hand over to the next group of ambassadors for 2016/17 when they leave Lynch Hill in July.