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Sports Council

To encourage pupils to become more active at lunch times and develop healthier lifestyles, we have an active Sports’ Council, consisting primarily of Year 6 pupils. They lead a rota of activities for pupils to enjoy, which include many sports like football, basketball, boules, rounders, cricket, and many others. The Sports’ Council members also help pupils develop other important sporting skills, such as hand-eye coordination by teaching skipping games or throwing and catching reaction balls.

The Sports’ Council takes a lead role in fostering the values of healthy competition by encouraging pupils to work as a team; recognising the contributions of each individual and ensuring pupils find ways of improving practice to achieve personal bests. They also aim to promote the benefits of sport.

As well as supporting pupils to develop their sporting abilities, the Sports’ Council lead fundraising activities, including raffles and Beat the Goalie. They work alongside the Peer Mentors and lunchtime staff to make the playground a fun place for pupils.