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School Council

The School Council at Lynch Hill enables pupils to develop as individuals who can make a positive contribution to their school community. Our School Council is made up of two representatives from each class, who are elected democratically at the start of the academic year.

The School Council meets regularly to discuss issues and ideas that need to be addressed across the school. The elected pupils represent the views of their own class at the School Council meeting and then report back to their class on the outcomes and ideas discussed. They show that they are able to listen to the needs of pupils when making decisions on their behalf. The School Council provides opportunities for children at Lynch Hill to become more involved in decisions affecting the School and helps develop their role with the wider community.

In previous years, the School Council has raised large amounts of money for charities. They have also been allocated funds by the Governors to spend on the playground. They came to a collective decision across the school to purchase the Pavilion, seating and climbing equipment, now sited in both playgrounds as well as PE equipment and new library books. More recently, they have taken the lead in the organisation of the Children in Need fundraising day, selling cakes and running various activities for their peers to enjoy.