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Peer Mentors

At Lynch Hill, we operate a ‘Peer Mentoring scheme.’ It encourages children to be supportive of each other during playtimes, and reinforces our work on rights and respecting others that is embedded across the school.

Pupils in Year 6 apply to become a Peer Mentor and the successful applicants are trained in friendship, preventing and dealing with bullying, and listening skills. They are also taught about the importance of confidentiality. Mentors are responsible for getting to know and supporting a ‘buddy’. They help empower their buddy to ensure they feel happier during recreation times.

Peer Mentors are also able to support children who are upset or feel lonely. They work alongside the Sports Council to set up playground activities and games for the other children. Finally, Peer Mentors are responsible for helping the lunchtime staff to solve playground disputes fairly.

The scheme is very proactive as Peer Mentors help spot friendship issues and address them as they arise. Our current peer mentors take considerable pride in their role and are easily recognisable in their green t-shirts.