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Enterprise Council


Enterprise Education is learning about enterprise, and learning through the experience of enterprise, where young people are supported to set up and run their own projects as a vehicle for learning.

Enterprise education is about helping young people make things happen, be creative and find opportunities for themselves.


An enterprise activity is an experience through which a combination of enterprising skills, attitudes and knowledge are developed.

The Key Skills and attitudes that children will learn from Enterprise Education:

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Making things happen
  • Managing Risks
  • Self-motivation and responsibility
  • Team Working
  • Using Initiatives
  • Negotiating and understanding others

An enterprise activity does not necessarily have to be associated with profit or business, although this is one part of it. Broadly speaking, enterprise activity can be categorised into three main areas, these are:

  • Community enterprise
  • Business enterprise
  • Environmental enterprise

These activities are delivered through subject teaching and sometimes through cross-curricular projects that take over the curriculum for a block of time.


The Enterprise Council comprises of a representative from each class in Key Stage 2. The Council is one of the strong sources for Pupil Voice at Lynch Hill. Council members meet on regular basis to plan fund-raising activities, Fairtrade related activities, International trade activities and enterprise projects related to the Olympic values. Past achievements have included the successful running of the School stationery shop that resulted in a good profit, which was then used to purchase pupil chosen resources. From time to time, the Council meets with the Chair of Governors, the Principal and the Finance Manager to discuss ideas and the organisation of Enterprise projects in school.