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Fling the Teacher

This latest version of Fling the Teacher game includes the ability to design your own victim and do your very best to fling them away. You have to prove that you know more than the teacher. Think you do? Well do it then!

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History of the Olympic Games

Children’s Olympic Games

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Horrible Histories

Gory Games from the Horrible Histories website!

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Be a brave knight in a Tudor joust.

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Mummy Maker

Help Kha, the chief embalmer, to prepare Ramose, the Officer of the King, for his funeral.

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Roman Mosaic

Create a Roman Mosaic.

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The House Challenge

See if you can 'set the scene' correctly in a Greek home.

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Victorian London

Travel back in time to 1870.

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Young Explorers

Welcome to the British Museum's ultimate adventure. Rescue priceless artefacts from Ancient Rome, Aztec Mexico and Imperial China!

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