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Rewards Systems

The positive reinforcement of good behaviour is a high priority at Lynch Hill. We also want to develop our pupils as mature, thoughtful and independent learners. We stand firmly by our ethos and believe that Lynch Hill is A ROARING SUCCESS because pupils are given so many opportunities to work towards personal goals or targets, and to experience success both individually and collaboratively. Achievements are recognised and celebrated in many ways.

Good Day Tickets:
All pupils in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 work to earn Good Day Tickets each day they are in school. If they have completed tasks (including homework), behaved well both in class and in the playground, and displayed a positive attitude, their homework diaries will be stamped.  Bronze, silver and gold awards are given for the number collected in a term (20 = Bronze, 40 = Silver and 60 = Gold), from which names are displayed on a roll of honour board. Children who have achieved their gold award will receive a small prize at the end of term.

Weekly Awards:
Each week teachers will nominate pupils in their class who are deserving of an Principal’s Award or a Praise Award.  The pupil’s name – and the reason for receiving the award – will be read out in a celebratory assembly and they are presented with a special sticker.  Their names will then feature on the weekly newsletter and parents will receive a personalised text message explaining why we are so proud of their child.

Bonus Points and Significant Achievement Awards:
Children in Years 1-5 collect Bonus Points.  Bonus Points are awarded for good behaviour and to recognise efforts made with work and towards targets set.  At the end of each term, the two pupils in each class who have accumulated the most Bonus Points are rewarded with a book prize.

Staff closely monitor the progress of each and every child in their class, and recognise the significant achievements made by individuals. At the end of each term, teachers nominate one pupil per class to receive the Significant Achievement certificate and book prize.

This is a special reward system for Year 6 pupils. We recognise that the final year of primary school is a particularly challenging one and there are many obstacles to overcome in the preparation for secondary school.  Our oldest pupils receive credits for their positive efforts and can trade these for goods in the Credit cupboard.