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Personal Development Awards

In Year 5 and 6, pupils begin working towards Personal Development Awards. These awards are achieved as a result of meeting a series of given targets linked to behaviour, attitude, responsibility, maturity, attendance and commitment.

There are four levels for our pupils to work towards. Each level contains slightly more challenging targets. To complete each level, children must first have demonstrated that they have met the necessary criteria. A number of staff need to sign to agree that a target has been met. It is the responsibility of the pupil to bring their personal development cards to staff for signing on a regular basis.

On completing each level, pupils will be awarded a pin-badge in assembly and their achievements recognised and celebrated by the whole key stage. In addition, to the pin badges, children can also request an appropriate reward for their efforts in achieving each level. The reward could be the opportunity to have an extra session of their favourite lesson, the chance to work with a favoured staff member, or even a night off homework. For those children who successfully complete Level 4, there may be a celebratory lunch out at a restaurant (the staff particularly enjoy this celebration).