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We recognise that learning takes place in a number of different ways, both in and out of the classroom. Therefore, we aim to provide Year 1 – Year 6 pupils with the opportunity to develop their interests. This includes a range of extra activities, which they can complete during a Friday afternoon. We call this time Kidzone, as pupils are in charge of the activities they wish to participate in.

Activities include developing cookery and art skills, playing a sport or board game, participating in a team quiz, or simply watching a movie. Pupils select the activity of their choice and work alongside peers from other classes or year groups. We know that this is one area of the curriculum children particularly look forward to, as they are often keen to share the outcome of their afternoon’s work with their peers, on return to the classroom.

The session is 50 minutes, but can be reduced if there have been any behavioural incidents during the week. As they select the activity of their choice, early in the week, children recognise they have the responsibility of behaving appropriately to protect their Kidzone time.