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Be The Best You Can Be

‘Be the Best You Can Be’ is a programme developed as a result of the Olympic Legacy. Its aim is to inspire children to build dreams, set themselves goals and consider how these might be achieved. It also helps build their resilience and the ability to overcome difficulties. Over the course of the year, pupils cover a range of activities to help them understand that success is a journey. For most people, success is not achieved through luck but by those who aspire to personal goals and who plan what they need to do to achieve them. Inevitably this journey has setbacks; however, keeping the dream in mind enables the person to adapt and re-focus on their personal goal.   

The phrase ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ is now commonly spoken by pupils as they set themselves personal learning goals and they use this statement to comment on how well they are achieving – academically and socially. ‘Be the Best’ has become an embedded part of the curriculum and ethos of Lynch Hill School.

Our focus on personal development and raising aspirations through the ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ programme improves self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth which are crucial to realising success. 

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