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CEO: Mrs G Coffey OBE

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Family Links

At Lynch Hill, we understand the difficulties families experience from time to time and how beneficial it can be to discuss common issues with other parents. Therefore, we offer a Family Links Nurturing Programme for parents.

The Parent Programme is designed to improve confidence and skills, and to encourage effective positive discipline as well as looking after our own and our children's emotional needs.

Parents attending the free 10-week course learn to:

  • Recognise the value of consistency and set clear boundaries
  • Maintain positive discipline
  • Respect their own and their children's emotional needs
  • Become a more confident, understanding parent

The parenting programme works alongside the programme delivered in schools giving the child, parent and teacher consistent and practical strategies for promoting positive relationships and behaviours.

We run this programme usually once a year. If you are interested in attending the programme, please enquire at the School Office.