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Little Explorers

Little Explorers is a private extended nursery provision in addition to the funded 15 hours of Nursery available to 3 year olds. The children start their day in Little Explorers and are then taken into the school nursery for their nursery session.

Miss Price leads the morning session in Little Explorers with help from Mrs Sidhu and Mrs Edmunds. 

The session starts with a welcome song and registration. Children’s activities are carefully planned around their interests, usually focusing on favourite stories and celebrations to ensure that learning opportunities are achieved through play. Activities include: play dough, sand, painting, sticking, model making. There are also many small world activities such as: dinosaurs, mini beasts, wild animals etc. There is also a role-play area that changes regularly to become a house, shop, hospital, or an office. Writing and mark making is an important part of development so a writing and mark making area is always available. There is also a quiet area where the children can have a look at a book on the comfy cushions or even lie down if they are feeling tired.

At 11.30am the lunchtime controllers collect the children and take them to the dinner hall.

The dinner controllers will supervise the children while they eat their lunch.

Dinner controllers will supervise the children outside in the nursery playground.

The children are taken to the school-based nursery with all of their belongings to begin their afternoon session at 12:30pm. Parents collect their children from the school nursery at the end of the day.

For more information on Little Explorers please contact the School Office