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Breakfast club

Breakfast Club

We recognise that breakfast is an essential meal of the day. Research proves that pupils who have eaten a good breakfast, can study better. With this in mind, Lynch Hill offers a Breakfast Service for pupils. They can attend every morning from 8am. This service costs just £1.20.  Children can choose between several different cereals or toast and a choice of drinks - milk, juices and tea.

The service offers children the opportunity to eat in a social setting and have a relaxed start to the day by meeting with their friends.

Break time snack service

We appreciate that children can get a little hungry during the morning, so, to help them study efficiently for the remainder of the morning, we offer a healthy snack service. Children can purchase a range of foods including: cereal bars, toast, crumpets and fruit. This service is very popular and is open throughout the morning break.

Snack prices are very reasonable starting from 10p per item. Therefore, if children wish to make use of the service, they shouldn't need more than 50p.