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Part of the Learning Alliance Academy Trust
CEO: Mrs G Coffey OBE

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Curriculum Statement


Our Vision:

  • To nurture and develop well-rounded, capable and caring individuals with a strong sense of self and a sense of their belonging within the school, local community and within British society.
  • To give children the skills, knowledge and attitudes to lead a rich and fulfilling life.
  • To enable children to become independent learners with the aspiration to become life long learners.

Lynch Hill's aim is that all children should:

Learn to:

  • Be adaptable.
  • Solve problems in a variety of situations.
  • Work independently and as members of a team.

In order to achieve the above we need to ensure children:

  • Have firm foundations of basic skills which they can use and apply effectively.
  • Have a broad range of exciting and creative opportunities to discover and nurture their individual talents.
  • Are allowed to complete in-depth studies so as to enable them to create deep interest, passion and understanding of areas of the curriculum so as to be able to express informed opinions and make reasoned judgements.
  • Understand the distinct nature and skills of the different disciplines that enable one to become a specialist in a particular area e.g. An artist or historian etc.
  • Develop a core set of values which will underpin their SMSC development and their sense of identity, uniqueness and self worth as an individual and as a valued member of British society.
  • Have access and opportunity as individuals to achieve their full potential.

The Lynch Hill School Primary Academy curriculum consists of:

  • The National Curriculum core and foundation subjects in the main, which are taught through a relevant, contextual and inspiring creative curriculum Linked with IPC (the International Primary Curriculum)    
  • RE and Citizenship, with a strong focus on SMSC.
  • Values education with a key focus on being a Rights-Respecting school.
  • A programme of extra-curricular activities which include creative, academic and physical opportunities, linked to the Children’s University.


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