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Part of the Learning Alliance Academy Trust
CEO: Mrs G Coffey OBE

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Welcome to Lynch Hill School

A school of opportunities

 A Foreword from Mrs Coffey

Our proactive approach to education is to develop individuals as active, lifelong learners and provide an exciting, challenging, caring and safe environment where children can flourish, both socially and academically. We hope that you too find our school warm and welcoming.

We believe that children give their best if they want to come to school, and if they are fully supported by their families. Therefore, we value the importance of working in partnership with the families of our children to ensure that each individual receives the best education we can offer. We also want our learners to be happy, respectful of themselves and others, and to have high aspirations.

I welcome all students, parents and carers to join us as we learn together. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming your child to Lynch Hill School Primary Academy.

Mrs G Coffey OBE



Head istress

Gillian Coffey OBE
Executive Headteacher



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Learning Alliance Academy Trust

Learning Alliance Academy Trust

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

We take education personally to achieve the best outcomes.